Caliber Europe BV was founded in the early 90s. The company started with one line of amplifiers and one line of woofers engineered by ourselves in The Netherlands and produced in the Far East. Today this is still the base of our success, we technically develop the products by ourselves in the Netherlands, and production takes place in certified factories, under permanent quality control by our own staff.

The company quickly after the start became successful, in the 2nd year the range was already expanded with speakers and the first accessories. In the beginning products were only sold in the basic home markets: The Netherlands / Belgium / Luxemburg.

During 1992 the first exportorders were shipped, and the program of items was extended and extended during the years. Nowadays Caliber offers 5 lines of Amplifiers, 7 lines of speakers, 4 lines of composets, 7 lines of woofers, Tubes, fully equipped subwooferboxes, customfit subwooferboxes, and a complete line of accessories, including cables, signalcables, connectors, powerkits, CD changer cables, battery clamps, fuses, fuseholders, distribution blocks, ports, grills and damping materials.

In May 2004 Caliber introduced its first 2 models of headunits (Radio-CD and Radio/CD-MP3). Nowadays Caliber distributes the products in 27 European countries. Quality, service and flexibility are the main leaders of our current success. Our highly motivated staff work daily to increase our program, quality and servicelevel. We consider a perfect communication with our customers as something normal and only require the best of ourselves.