Eco-Friendly All Surface Cleaner

Order 750ml of Pearl® Waterless Universal

Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Universal cleaner contains premium high-quality ingredients perfect for all interior and exterior vehicle cleaning applications. Universal quickly and effortlessly cleans stubborn exterior substances such as brake dust, bird lime, ingrained insects, bugs, moss, grease and tar from paint, glass, plastic, alloy, rubber, convertible fabric hood surfaces and engine compartments together with dirt, dust and grease from interior dash, glass, leather, carpets, fabric, vinyl, plastic and wooden surfaces. Additional capabilities include anti-fogging technology ideal for cleaning motorcycle safety helmet visors and internal helmet fabric, delivering a superior performance and finish.

Universal Cleaner is tough on dirt but gentle on surfaces and the environment with robust cleaning capabilities to quickly and efficiently clean all car, motorcycle, boat, caravan and aircraft interior and exterior surfaces both internally to leave an instant new-look finish. Completely unique as it gives you the freedom and Waterless flexibility clean your vehicle absolutely anywhere and everywhere as you do not need any water.

An outstanding 100% Biodegradable and non-silicone product with multi-functional, environmentally and use friendly cleaning capabilities that contains NO petroleum, petrochemical derived fragrances, petroleum based hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvents and non aerosol, Pearl Eco-System Universal cleaner effortlessly produces instant results to revitalise vehicle interior and exterior surfaces whilst retaining all the surfaces protective qualities and helping you to protect the environment at the same time.

For commercial operations, trade and private label distibutors our Super Concentrated Pearl® Waterless Car Wash Universal Formula is fully available in 25L, 205L and 1000L container sizes for economic use (Enquiries please quote product code PL008).

Directions for use: Lightly mist spray onto folded microfibre cloth and area to be cleaned, leave for a few seconds to activate, then wipe over target area with pre-moistened cloth and wipe with clean dry cloth to remove and lift substance. For heavier soilage on fabrics spray on target area and agitate with a soft brush and wipe with microfibre cloth. On exterior surfaces do not attempt to clean caked on dirt or heavy mud which may contain grit, sand or any other abrasive substance.

Amazing new 750ml Trigger head spray features include Pre-compression engine - drip free, no leakage and always primed. All plastic polyolefin sprayer - 100% recyclable, no metal used. Certified child safe for USA and Europe.