INVENTO, with its trademark HQ, is well known in the leisure and sport activities markets for more than 20 years.

Worldwide, kites and Windspiration products have been successfully sold under the trademark of "HQ". In 2007 the share of export business was more than 60%. This figure shows the extraordinary acceptance of the HQ high quality products in Germany and outside the German domestic market.

INVENTO strives to provide the specialty retail market with products demonstrating the highest levels of innovative design and quality. Our entire line of advanced leisure and learning products are developed to appeal to people concerned with quality, educational value, and beauty. The designs we have selected are exceptional both for their sophistication and fascination.

Discerning consumers seek out our products in museum shops, science stores, specialty gift & toy stores, lawn & garden centers, kite shops, and the very best mail order catalogues.

INVENTO is famous for an impressing number of innovations and making the pace for many markets. Quality, superior design and strength of innovation are the basis for the enduring success of HQ-products that are made of high grade components to surpass the customers expectations.




Featured Product: Crackerjack

The all-new Crackerjack revolutionizes the sport kite market in many ways. As an All-rounder, trick-machine, easy-flyer, this kite is so versatile, it allows the pilot to execute nearly any style of flying. Pull the latest tricks, enjoy recreational stunts or perform beautiful figures in the sky. The Crackerjack is a real all-purpose kite that meets the demands of beginners, intermediate and advanced fliers alike. The stunning graphics, unsurpassed workmanship and highest quality materials make this kite one you can grow with.

Width - 240 cm / 94"
Height - 95 cm / 37"
Sail - Icarex
Frame - Carbon 6mm + Dynamic T15
Line - rec., 60 kp / 130 lb.
Wind - 2-5 Bft. (6-30 km/h l 4-19 mph)
Age - 14+